• Creating a Discourse-Rich Classroom Culture to Enhance Academic Discussions Across Content Areas

      Giblin, Thomas R.; Cammarata, Briana (2019-01-09)
      Today’s students struggle with effectively communicating their ideas in the classroom. Despite constantly being asked to think, write, read and respond students respond negatively when asked to interact verbally in an academic setting. The solution is not to force students to engage in dialogue, but to provide various opportunities for students to interact with both the teacher and their peers. “By allowing students to take responsibility for their own education we can close the gaps in our students learning”. (Turney) These interactions are crucial to student achievement and growth because they require students to explain their high-level thinking. When students are immersed in relevant classroom discussions, their engagement and participation increases which in turn promotes learning. As the curriculum evolves, students should be granted additional autonomy of their learning experiences. Academic discourse is a foundational skill that benefits all students.