• Career Development and College Planning Needs of Rural High School Students

      Ball, Kimberly A.; The College at Brockport (2009-01-01)
      The purpose of this research was to examine career and college planning needs of rural high school students. This was done by investigating archival data previously collected by a high school in a rural school district in the Northeastern United States. The initial research was done to examine the level of perceived preparedness for life after high school of the senior class at this high school. The purpose of re-examining the results was to find opportunities to meet career and college planning through district school counseling department initiatives. The findings suggest that opportunities do in fact exist, that rural populations have unique career and college planning needs, and that school counselors can strive to meet these needs. For example, participant responses suggested that students need more knowledge and understanding of financial aid, college requirements, and what career opportunities will exist for them in the future. Upon conclusion, a specific suggestion of developing and implementing a K-12 career development portfolio is given. A K-12 career portfolio would enhance career development through human development, help to streamline and improve district counseling curriculum, and serve as documentation of career and college planning throughout a students' schooling.