• The Effects of a Scrapbooking Project on Student Self-concept in an Inclusive Setting

      Bader, Jennifer Lynn; The College at Brockport (2005-05-01)
      Self-concept is a construct that builds the foundation of an individual. With all of the time that children spend in school, it is critical that opportunities are available for those children to develop a strong and positive self-concept. This research attempted to seek out what effects a scrapbooking project on self-concept had on students' actual self-concept in an inclusive setting? In order to answer this question, an individually designed scrap booking project on self-concept was implemented to a sample of nine fifth grade students, two of which had a disability. The researcher implemented this research by using a pre-experimental, one-group pretest-posttest research design. The subjects were selected by means of convenience sampling from an already intact group. The Student Self-Concept Scale (SSCS}-was the instrument used to measure student self-concept. Significant correlations were found between the first and second, and second and third, administrations of the SSCS. The average gain of standard scores on the SSCS by the end of the study was 10.1. Both students with a disability experienced gains in self-concept, and one of those students had the largest gain of 79. In conclusion, this study suggests that individually tailored instruction and assessment materials can in fact have a positive impact of students' self-concept.