• King Lear: A Textual and Bibliographic Study

      Adams, Linda B.; The College at Brockport (1994-01-01)
      This thesis project examines the printing history of William Shakespeare’s King Lear. The discussion includes the various arguments concerning the authoritative nature of the Quarto 1 and First Folio texts versus those that followed. The study explores the idea that since Q1 and First Folio are considered original or authoritative texts that all others are editions taken from them. While Q1 and First Folio appear to possess marked differences in their text, they must be considered as representing a draft and revision even as neither should be understood as inferior to the other, for each holds authoritative value for Shakespearean scholars. The project also offers a close reading, though not exhaustive, of many areas of the play text, stage directions, and the story’s through line. Through comparison and discussion the project includes a focus on detailed differences found between the various editions of the play to support the thesis of Q1 and First Folio as authoritative in nature.