• Why sustainable business is better

      Santa Maria, Nicole (2018-05)
      With growing concerns and numerous sources of data confirming climate change we must look toward a future in sustainable practices. While individual people can do their part in reducing their personal carbon footprint it is clear that the ones who truly need to change are corporations. Big businesses are the largest contributors to the negative effects of greenhouse gases. With this in mind it is only a matter of time until the people demand change. This change does not need to be delayed, if companies can become leaders in sustainable business reforms and practices, not only will we find better results, for our planet but they may even find better results in their profits. To demonstrate the positive results, of what may be seen as relatively “small” changes, we will analyze the implementations and the implications of the State University of New York at New Paltz “Green Revolving Fund.” This will be accomplished through an understanding of past projects and my own proposal for the current University community. This paper will also touch on much larger business decisions through reimagining and redefining industry standards. While we will also explore the limitations of these processes; any company can take steps towards a better, more sustainable, business.