• Evolutionary mismatch and online dating

      Chapleau, David (2015-09)
      This study aimed to identify how individuals advertised themselves to socially familiar and socially anonymous audiences using online dating profiles. It was demonstrated that when male participants advertized themselves to a socially anonymous audience they placed a much higher emphasis on traits and qualities related to status than either males advertizing themselves to a socially familiar audience or females advertising themselves to either a socially familiar or socially anonymous audience. Additionally, males emphasized their creativity and emotional awareness more so than females regardless of audience type. In contrast female participants showed a tendency to emphasize traits and qualities related to faithfulness much more prominently than male participants. This effect was exaggerated when female participants advertized themselves to a socially familiar audience. It was also shown that male participants who advertized themselves to an anonymous audience emphasized their physical fitness and attractiveness more so than any other group. Together these findings suggest that audience and gender have profound influence over self-presentation in terms of romantic courtship.
    • Love in lockdown: how the pandemic affects dating and relationships for emerging adults

      Fego, Emily (2021-05)
      The longform feature article documents how young people navigate dating and relationships during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time in their lives, young adults are meant to explore their identity and find out who they are and who they want to surround themselves with. They can meet lifelong friends at college and even find their lifelong partner. But, for the most part, socialization has been put on hold this past year due to COVID-19. Finding a new romantic partner seemed especially difficult with strictly online dating platforms. Social distancing guidelines made the prospect of safely going on dates nearly impossible. Those already in relationships faced the challenges of maintaining a long-distance connection when they might have only lived a block away from each other. Others felt trapped with only the company of their partners during stay-at-home orders. The article addresses these challenges with expert insight from psychologists who provide advice and hope for the future of young love.