• Composting the Big Apple: climate mitigation efforts in New York City

      Mayer, Lindsey (2020-05)
      55% of the world’s population lives in cities(United Nations 2018). Cities are responsible for high pollution levels, with urban areas making up for 67% of greenhouse gases (World Bank 2018). The question is what are cities doing to mitigate climate change since urban areas are massive contributors to pollution? International organizations are in place for cities to partner together on the topic of climate change. The New Urban Agenda gives cities a framework to mitigate climate change while the C40 transnational climate network gives city leaders the opportunity to share ideas on addressing climate change. To understand the progress cities have made, Helsinki and Copenhagen are closer to a zero-carbon reality. When looking at New York Cities’ effort compared to other cities, New York City has made progress in reducing its carbon dioxide level, but the city still has room for improvement. New York City has seen a decrease in carbon dioxide in the building sector and the waste sector. There has been only a .1 percent decrease in emissions from transportation between 2014 and 2015. Looking at specific policy, New York City must be pushing for sustainable alternatives that lower greenhouse gas emissions.