• Colonial Creamery: exquisite ice cream the old fashioned way

      Dougherty, Jake (2021-05)
      Covid-19 created an environment that limited everyone's ability to enjoy the little things in life. Once trivial activities that we all took for granted were stripped from us in the blink of an eye. As life slowly returns to normal with individuals' comfort levels increasing daily, we will hopefully see the fruits of everyone's cooperative labors to eradicate this virus. Once this happens people are going to look towards their familiar comforts. Going out and eating with friends is one of those familiar comforts, debatable the comfort that has been missed the most as this pandemic pursuits.
    • The continuing problem of housing discrimination in America

      Tatunczak, Trevor (2021-05)
      This study provides a comprehensive review of housing discrimination in the United States throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. African Americans and other non-white minorities have been subjected to discrimination in many sectors, including (but not limited to) employment, education, and housing. While the disadvantages faced by minorities in these sectors are all connected, the primary focus of this study is discrimination in housing. Along with a review of past housing discrimination practices, we will be looking at modern day practices that have been employed to perpetuate this unjust system. Furthermore, we will explore housing discrimination in Dutchess and Ulster Counties to provide a local context for a national problem.
    • Creating community, home, and resources with music therapy: a program proposal for Family of Woodstock

      Pomerselig, Noah (2021-05)
      The following is a proposal for the implementation of a music therapy program for adolescents experiencing homelessness within Family of Woodstock’s continuum of care. This proposal outlines the rationale and theoretical justification of this program as well as outlining the content and structure of the proposed music therapy services. This proposal includes descriptions of music therapy in general and how it has been implemented with this population in other programs. This program is designed to be implemented by one full-time music therapist and integrates with the existing services provided by the organization. The integration of a music therapy program is congruent with Family of Woodstock’s mission statement and organization goals.
    • Sampling of local lakes to assess Paramecium diversity and distribution

      Rajpura, Isma (2021-05)
      Paramecia species are fairly ubiquitous in freshwater bodies. It has been found in our past research that the distribution of Paramecia in small ponds in the Ulster County region is diverse and varies depending on the biogeochemical qualities of the water. To expand on this research, the distribution of Paramecia in larger bodies of water throughout New York State was determined through sampling and genotyping. Water samples were collected from six larger lakes throughout the state. These samples were scanned for Paramecia cells, and single-cell lines were established from these cells. Cells were cultured in wheatgrass medium. Genomic DNA was extracted from these cultures through use of Chelex preparations. The ITS gene was chosen as the gene to be amplified through polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The amplified gene was sequenced at a commercial lab. The sequences were then genotyped for Paramecia species (through NCBI Blast) and strain (through alignments with known sequences). We found that the diversity of Paramecia species and strains was greater in these larger lakes compared to the small ponds that were sampled previously. We also found several new strains that had not been found before. We suspect that these strains are endemic to the ponds that they were found in, due to their limited distribution. More extensive sampling and sequencing will be needed to determine the true distribution of these strains, as well of Paramecia overall.