• The wage gap: history, controversies, and the status quo

      Hatzipetrakos, Anna (2019-05)
      It is often very difficult for society to accept the mechanisms of an intangible concept. The abstract factors of an intangible concept further lead to the inability to resolve pivotal societal issues. This is the case for the gender wage gap controversy that is prevalent in the United States. By studying the commonly held assumptions that controversialists believe attribute to the inaccuracies of the wage gap, the existence of the societal issue gains a greater awareness. The following research is intended to pinpoint the factors that are often linked to the inaccuracies of the wage gap and in turn explain how these factors are unable to explain away the entirety of the gap. The gender biases and discrimination prior to women entering the workforce are often overlooked by skeptics of the societal issue. Therefore, by drawing from both quantitative and qualitative research on the history of the issue, its status quo in modern day America unravels. In order to provoke awareness of the undoubtable problem the gender wage gap imposes on women across the nation, the following pinpoints and transparently states the fact based evidence found on the gap.