• Becoming. Transformations within the Maternal Exchange: MFA Thesis - Printmaking

      Jaehnert, Tina (2016-05)
      Entering into a parenting role awakens unexpected concerns, fears, joys, and anticipations. Instincts go into overdrive as life’s main purpose shifts from self-preservation to protection and nurturing our child or children. The life once mapped out, or even the life in mid pursuit of, becomes magnified and heavily interrogated within this shift. My installation joins different environments, objects and works to explore the roles taken on during the tender and transformative incubation period of infancy and toddler stages. The role of protection is the focus of this body of work, using symbolic representations that contain processes within the natural world.
    • Climate of sight : MFA Thesis - Metal

      Zitzow, Kim (2014-05)
      Climate of sight is an archive that performs the question "what does rust want?" Transformed from a prompt generated by a proclivity toward the material itself, the aesthetic investigation began permeating other materials, processes and ways of thinking, knowing and feeling. A disused limestone quarry, terrain both unfamiliar and alive situates the inquiry and subtly pervades the gallery. Over time materials have been urged to crystallize amongst themselves, compile to articulate acts of attention, to become tools for seeing and containers for holding while digressions unexpectedly revel.
    • Novation : MFA Thesis - Printmaking

      Van Atta, Paul (2015-05)
      The resulting thesis derives from studying the local ecology of the Hudson River and relating traditions of cultures affected by electronic waste into a starting point for discussion within an interconnected world. The thesis focuses on the capacitor--a material with by-products that have greatly affected the Hudson and have now affected other parts of the world as producers of electronics dispose of such objects.