• I'm good, you?: MFA Thesis - Sculpture

      Cunningham, Amy (2016-05)
      I am enchanted by the absurd and the asinine. My work inhabits the precarious space forged between reality and mockery; this is the intersection from which I create. My thesis work creates an experiential representation of the evaded issues of modern communication. Utilizing a blend of the real and the satirical, I am able to create work that distorts the viewer’s perception by blurring the distinction between what is factual and what is parody. I create absurd, yet relatable situations that invite the viewer in for a chuckle, but also promote deeper self-reflection. I prefer to use a variety of methods and media. I have used styrofoam to transform virtual phenomena into tangible forms, sound to charm yet brainwash, manipulated found objects for familiarity but disturbance, and installation to integrate these multi-faceted experiences.
    • Jumble gym, playful randomness in contemporary jewelry: MFA Thesis - Metal

      Gougherty, Stefan (2020-05)
      I create jewelry that is curious and interactive. Sampling content from trash to treasure, these playful objects are unpretentious and subversive. Exploring the surreal through engineering and illusion, these antics of adornment confound expectations. In celebration of our collective progress, I leverage industrial materials and manufacturing processes to anchor the work firmly within the present. Through mashups of contrasting realities and exploration of randomness, I articulate this strange new digital world. Staging collisions between vastly different references of time, scale and subject matter, an underlying unity can be found among the debris of shape and memory.
    • "One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy": Kafka, Camus, and enduring absurdities

      Boyle, Katherine R. (2022-05)
      In order to complete my present study, I will first provide a general background that encompasses the psychological and philosophical concepts that I plan to work with, outlining definitions and laying down rough descriptions of important concepts. I will then move towards an exanimation of Franz Kafka's literature, focusing mainly on The Trial and the tenets of absurdism present within the novel. Demonstrating a slightly altered concept of unknowability and illogic, I will discuss the play Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett, carefully unpacking the absurdities of Estragon and Vladimir. Third, I will analyze the visual rhetoric inherent in the works of artist Alfred Kubin, attempting to understand the images and themes present in his nightmarish pieces. I will conclude by returning to a discussion of meaning and absurdist philosophy, incorporating these elements into the three figures that I have named and analyzed, and working to understand with a bit more depth humanity's unending search for meaning.
    • Plain sight: MFA Thesis - Sculpture

      Houssart, Emilie (2022-05)
      Colonizer legacies in the contemporary Hudson Valley landscape: addressing commerce culture in food systems and the home through absurdist interventions.