• Actions and responses: MFA Thesis - Painting

      O'Hara, Colleen (2016-05)
      My process in the studio challenges notions of control versus chance. I work with fluid acrylic paint and inks applied to paper through pouring, throwing and dripping. I do this to maximize the spontaneity of the material and minimize my control. By manipulating the paint with squeegees, brooms, mops and other non-conventional mark making tools, I remove my preconceptions from the making of a mark. At this point, the information is created as the result of an event. This event is an external experience between the paint, the paper, and my body applying it, as well as the space we occupy. I am not proposing that I make paintings in which I am completely removed from decision making or control: rather I place myself in a dialogue with materials in real space and time, thus giving experience and movement the upper hand over my mind. Much of what I think about in regard to my practice parallels ideas of Phenomenology, the philosophy of experience. Specifically, I am interested in how my process relates to the concept of Aletheia, Martin Heidegger's ideas about thinking, and to Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s concept of active engagement in the world as a means of gathering information.
    • Honesty: MFA Thesis - Painting

      Lee, Geuryung (2017-05)
      The subject of my work is spatial relationships. As an abstract painter, I use marks, symbols, gestures, color, texture, shape, and value to convey situations, context, and emotional states of being. Through my current work, I am expanding and refining my visual vocabulary. When I am creating a painting, I do it as a means of telling my story and releasing my emotions, aiming for catharsis. For my works, I produce a series of paintings that communicate not my specific story, per se, but the tension and sensations I feel, which I believe are essentially common in the human experience. I use an abstract vocabulary to convey sensations and states of beings. I am interested in building a variety of textures in my work to create communication and contrast between areas of the canvas. I commune with the viewer through my work, and I convey specific energy or feeling through my process.
    • Points of departure: MFA Thesis - Painting & Drawing

      Nazari, Zahra (2014-05)
      I utilize both Architectonic structures and spacial relationships as metaphors for emotions I experienced coming from Iran to America and transitioning between two very different cultures. My working process combines both formal and intuitive approaches. Inspiration comes from linking deconstructive architecture ideas with Middle Eastern kite traditions.