• Fashion Illustration through the Current Times

      Monchaitanapat, Jan (2021)
      My independent study focuses on fashion illustration as a vessel for creating beautiful thought-provoking garments that could be made in the future. There will be two components to my project, the study of diverse types of models, from petite to plus size, dynamic poses, and the use of multiple mediums to produce a unique collection of illustrated wearable art and traditional fashion plates. I will diverge from current fashion illustration by presenting more diverse and inclusive models and designs that spark innovation and inspiration for others. My research will include the influence of social movements, climate changes, and changing times due to current events on fashion trends and emerging new styles from textile innovations as well as recycled materials. I will use accessories, like different functional yet aesthetic masks types, to help enhance the visual experience of the illustrations that reflect our current “new normal.” I will be conducting research and applying the advance technical components of fashion illustration such as fashion design principles, illustration layouts and using a variety of mediums to mimic fabric drapery and textures. My study will be reflected in mood boards, references, and swatches along with the final fashion portfolio photographed for virtual review. My goal for the end of the project is to use these illustrations as a representation of my personality as well as my design aesthetic to further my fashion portfolio.