• Readability of the New York State Regents exam in United States history and government.

      Morton, Daniel E. (2015)
      This study investigated the readability of the multiple-choice section on the New York State Regents Exam in United States History and Government. Every June Regents Exam, from 2014-1990, was analyzed for readability. The Homan, Hewitt, & Linder (1994) formula was utilized because this formula measures grade level readability for multiple-choice questions. Readability was determined by randomly selecting three multiple-choice questions from each exam to analyze. Readability was calculated for each question and averaged to determine the mean score for each exam. This study revealed that over time the NYS Regent Exam in United States History and Government has become easier to read. There are far-reaching implications with regard to teacher evaluations and test reliability and validity, as a result of this study.