• The effects of Brainscape's Confidence-Based Repetition on two adults' performance on knowledge-based quizzes.

      Waterman, Sarabeth (13/11/2013)
      This project was designed to examine the effects of a new instructional approach that combines elements of both inquiry-based and technology-assisted instruction. The iPad App Brainscape, a synchronous web and mobile flashcard program, was used to study individuals’ acquisition and retention of important declarative knowledge. While substantial evidence exists to support the empirical foundations of this approach, very little, if any, systematic research has been conducted on its impact on human learning. This project, therefore, examined the effects of the Brainscape program on the acquisition and retention of new knowledge by two male adult volunteers. Both individuals expressed a desire to expand their knowledge in two distinct domains, SAT-related vocabulary and United States trivia. The effects of Brainscape were then compared to a more traditional didactic teaching approach. Results suggested that Brainscape was more effective and that it may be a promising intervention for educators. Implications for future research and practice were provided.