• Vocabulary interventions for emergent bilinguals during sociodramatic play and project investigations.

      Weber, Natalie B. (04/01/2013)
      Research literature on vocabulary interventions for primary aged students, sociodramatic play, and project investigations is examined in this Masters project in relation to the reduction of the vocabulary gap for emergent bilingual students. Professional development was prepared from the results of the literature review. Research based techniques to incorporate the interactive vocabulary interventions used during shared storybook reading into sociodramatic play and project investigations were presented to Pre-K to 2nd grade teachers at a state conference. The workshop consisted of small group role-plays of interactive storybook reading strategies, small and large group collaboration and a presentation of the research literature. The workshop addressed instructional techniques to decrease the vocabulary gap, with an emphasis on emergent bilinguals. Continued opportunities for co-generative dialog and extensions into classroom settings were made available to participants through a group blog.