• The effectiveness of graphic organizers.

      Humbert, Rebecca A. (2014)
      Many studies have been done to determine that graphic organizers are an effective tool in teaching, but not much work has been done on specific types. The purpose of this action research project was to determine which type of graphic organizer- Venn diagrams or concept maps- was more effective as measured through student test scores. The participants included two fifth grade students from a rural Chautauqua County School. The study was a total of four weeks long. Each week the students were given reading passages on which they took a pre-test, analyzed the readings using a Venn diagram or Concept map, and then took a post-test. The data sources included pre and post-test raw scores. The pre and post-test scores were analyzed to determine which type of graphic organizer was more effective on producing higher test results and improvements. The study found that the use of both Venn diagrams and concept maps significantly increased test scores with both participants.