• From the One-Room Schoolhouse to a Multi-Tiered System of Support: A Chronological Guide to the Development of Special Education in the United States for Pre-Service Teachers

      Gannett, Kelsey (State University of New York at Fredonia, 2018-08)
      This project includes a collection of research pertaining to the Response to Intervention framework (RtI) and Positive Behavior Intervention Services. The final product showcased in chapter 4 outlines a professional development project in which the participants are instructed on the various policies and procedures that led to the use of the system of support. The instructional objectives of this professional development module illustrated on PowerPoint are that upon completion of the professional development module the participants will be able to; Accurately timeline milestone events, court cases & legislation leading to RTI & PBIS in the 20th century. Then participants will be able to explain how MTSS in the 21st century is rooted in RTI and PBIS. Participants will then be able to Provide accurate conceptual definitions for technical terms pertaining to MTSS, in language that would be suitable for conversations with parents and other family members during parent-teacher conferences. Finally participants will be able to, Read and reflect on common classroom vignettes pertaining to MTSS, identifying appropriate teachers behaviors and identifying and recommending appropriate modifications for inappropriate teacher behaviors. Participants will demonstrate mastery by identifying various structures of MTSS within various scenarios that are imbedded in the PowerPoint.
    • Mentoring Program for Novice Teachers in Private Catholic School

      Sullivan, Candice (State University of New York at Fredonia, 2019-05)
      We invest in our children and young generation, as they will one day lead this country. Yet, we do not invest in our teachers. Through research it was concluded that mentoring programs for novice teachers can have a major impact on the result of high quality teachers. I report on the features of, challenges, and highlights that emerged during research and formation of the mentoring program for novice teachers. These findings conclude the vital significance of mentoring novice teachers. With the concluding points, a detailed guide was created to assist with mentoring in districts with no mentoring in place for novice teachers. There is a desperate need to provide active mentoring for novice teachers to develop into a high quality educator.
    • The Perception of Preservice Teachers Regarding the Impact of a Math Methods Course on Their Ability to Instruct Mathematics in Their Future Classroom

      Schmidt, Courtney (State University of New York at Fredonia, 2019-05)
      With the pressure of teachers to challenge and increase achievement in the area of mathematics, it has become imperative to effectively train teachers to have this mathematical knowledge. Research has shown that more teacher preparation programs are focusing on introducing the foundation of mathematics for preservice teachers knowing that they are generalist elementary educators. This study looks at the perceptions of mathematics based on the completion of a mathematics methods course in a small liberal arts college in Chautauqua County. A questionnaire was distributed and consisted of both qualitative and quantitative questions. The results show that undergraduate mathematics courses are crucial to the implementation of mathematics in the preservice teachers future classroom. Future research could pair the questionnaire with an observation to examine their delivery of mathematics instruction.