• The beliefs of undergraduate pre-service teachers at a Western New York college about English language learners

      Denz, David (State University of New York College at Fredonia, 2018-05)
      As the population of English Language Learners grow throughout the Western New York Area, it is important to consider how well the undergraduate pre-service teachers emerging within the area are prepared to teach these students. A variety of studies have shown that many mainstream teachers often hold deficit perspectives towards ELLs in public education, meaning they focus on any potential weaknesses of ELLs as opposed to looking at these students in a positive light. This deficit perspective can lead to a variety of issues such as slow development of English Langauge Proficiency, lower achievement rates compared to peers who are native English speakers, and high drop out rates. This study aimed to identify the core beleifs of pre-service undergraduate teachers a major education college in Western New York in order to identify any potential existance of deficit perspective among these students. Characteristics such as experience, past education, and origins of beliefs will be examined in order to further study the undergraduate students at the college. [from author's abstract]
    • The development of a module to prepare preservice mainstream teachers to work with English language learners (ELLs)

      Orf, Sarabeth (State University of New York College at Fredonia, 2016-12)
      A lack of preservice teacher preparation is beginning to affect mainstream teachers when they begin to work with English Language Learners (ELLs) in their classrooms. This curriculum project addressed the lack of preparation preservice teachers (PST) receive to work with ELLs in mainstream classrooms and information teachers will need to service ELLs. There are many ways to help fix this problem; all of which will leave preservice teachers prepared to work with diverse classrooms, giving all students an equitable education. Research has shown that if PST are better prepared, and are part of better education programs they will feel more confident and better prepared to teach ELLs. This module teaches PST teachers about who ELLs are, New York state laws, programs NYS schools offer, instructional models teachers can use in their classes, how to foster relationships with parents of ELLs, how to assess ELLs, help with the NYS certification exam, educating all students, and how to be a culturally relevant teacher. This module provides PST with general information they need about ELLs and best practices to use with ELLs in different realms of education. [from abstract]