• Supporting ELLS by addressing cultural differences in the classroom: a professional development program.

      Davis, Tonya L. (02/01/2013)
      There is a large and ever growing population of English Language Learners (ELLs) in the Buffalo Public School (BPS) system. The majority of ELLs in the BPS come from a Spanish language background, but there are students from approximately 56 other countries within the school l system. In order to ensure the success of students, teachers must have cultural competency - knowledge about teaching a culturally diverse population of students. Mainstream or general education teachers may not have adequate training to work with this population of students. If teachers have not been trained in dealing with culturally diverse students, they may find themselves feeling uncomfortable or unqualified to work with this growing population of ELLs. Without this knowledge, these teachers are not able to provide the best service to students and generate high student achievement. My objective is to provide a document and recommendations for professional development training for Buffalo Public School teachers that will inform them about the growing population of students from Myanmar (Burma), which is one of the fastest growing groups of ELLs in the Buffalo Public Schools today.