• Motivating the adolescent reader : engaging the disengaged.

      Bogardus, Sarah M. (04/01/2013)
      This Master’s thesis project focused on the factors associated with the decline in adolescent reading motivation and the literacy strategies that can be implemented in the classroom to improve reading motivation. In addition, it also includes recommendations for a professional development project that addresses literacy strategies for adolescent students. Results revealed that implementing hands-on literacy strategies in the classroom can have a positive impact on reading motivation. Teachers who offer a variety of texts, offer student choice, acknowledge home/school connections, incorporate technology, and promote social collaboration help create engaged learners in the reading process. Therefore, all educators should be aware of appropriate and effective hands-on literacy strategies. Results of the professional development experience suggest that professional development opportunities need to be improved in order to help influence literacy outcomes in the adolescent world. It is of critical importance that teachers receive adequate professional development on adolescent literacy because findings indicate that there is a correlation between effective professional development and the reading achievement of students.