• The effects of class wide peer tutoring on 7th grade students' math computational fluency.

      Weidright, Brandi LoBianco (28/02/2014)
      The present study examined the effects of Class Wide Peer Tutoring (CWPT) on the math computational fluency of a group of 41, 7th grade students in a small, rural junior/senior high school in Western New York. Three target students (i.e., high, average, and low performers) were selected for formal data collection. All pupils were randomly paired students and placed on either the orange or purple team each week over the course of the investigation. Students participated in 20-minute, reciprocal tutoring sessions each day and their performance was examined under both baseline and intervention conditions a day. Points were earned for correct answers and making appropriate error corrections, and individual point totals were aggregated into daily competing team scores. Each week, the team with the most points was formally recognized for their performance. Results showed that CWPT improved all three target students’ math computational fluency rates, and all pupils rated the intervention quite positively. Implications for research and practice are offered.