• An analysis of the changes to New York State commissioner's regulations part 154 and the impact on the landscape of English language education

      Marks, Caroline (State University of New York College at Fredonia, 2018-05)
      The purpose of this study was to identify the changes between the two most recent iterations of New York State's Commissioner's Regulations (CR) Part 154, a policy document detailing the requirements for services provided to English language learners in the state. The researcher performed a content analysis of two versions of the same policy to identify specific changes in text and additions to the policy. Readings of outside sources in print media and press releases from educational organizations were performed to assist in interpretation of the contextual features of the policy and structural influences on policymakers in order to develop an understanding of the policy and a sense of the direction in which ELL education and services may be heading in the future. Findings from the document analysis indicated five major changes and additions between the two versions of CR Part 154 as well as minor alterations that may have an effect on stakeholders in ELL education. An investigation of educational issues in the media and press releases support findings that some aspects of the Part have been given priority in educational decisions. It is suggested that future research utilize interviews and observations of all those involved in the education of ELLs in order to develop a clear picture of the implications of the expanded policy on achievement, language development, and teachers' work experiences. [from author's abstract]