• The effects of homelessness or high-mobility on a students' academics.

      Tye, April L. (2014)
      This investigation examines the effects that high-mobility and homelessness have on the young homeless community. The research identified a workable definition of homelessness. Many different aspects can be included in the word homeless. This research looks into the academics portion of the children's lives from reading to math, and it looks out beyond academics at things such as school attendance and people involved in the child’s life. This research looks at some of the social impact that homelessness and high-mobility have on a student, along with the emotional impact it has on the children suffering from it. Using the case study method, the researcher examined academic records of one homeless/highly mobile student. In studying the records, the researcher compared academic grades during the year or quarters when the student was identified as homeless with academic grades during the years they were housed. The researcher also looked at grade fluctuation directly after a move of a school and compared grading quarters during which the child was in one home with subsequent quarters during which they may have moved homes or school districts.