• A study of students' misconceptions regarding variables in the pythagorean theorem and slope/intercept formula.

      Sutton, Kendelle (2013-01-17)
      Understanding the concept of mathematical variables gives an opportunity to expand and work on high-level mathematics. This study examined college students' comprehension of variables as well as variable use in well-known mathematics formulas. These formulas consist of the Pythagorean Theorem, slope, as well as the y-intercept. Students were asked to complete a ten-problem quiz in a twenty minute time frame. Immediately following the quiz, students were asked to complete a five question survey in which they described their reactions to the quiz and their knowledge of variables. Similarly 15 high school mathematics teachers were given a survey on their reflection of their students' knowledge of variables. The results of the quiz and surveys were collected and analyzed to determine if any correlations existed. The data collected showed that there was a strong indication of variable misunderstanding by college level mathematics students.
    • A volume conundrum : a study of high school geometry students misconceptions of volume of cylinders.

      Beck, Angela (2013-01-14)
      This research explores misconceptions of high school geometry students related to the volume of cylinders. Previous research has shown that students often have difficulties remembering the formula and visualizing the figures. This experiment asked high school students to answer problems regarding the volume of cylinders and to take a short survey on how they thought they did on the problems. These problems were then analyzed which showed that the majority of students did not remember the correct formula and that students who did not remember the formula used the circumference formula for a circle instead of the area formula or they created their own formula. From these results, it can be concluded that teachers need to emphasize remembering the basic volume formula and to read problems carefully.