• Neurologic music therapy techniques : a systematic review of current research.

      Cowen, Brianna (2014)
      The purpose of this systematic review was to identify clinical research studying neurologic music therapy (NMT) and non-NMT techniques and identify which techniques are more commonly researched. Thaut (2008) describes NMT as the use of standardized treatment techniques as interventions that are founded on scientific research. The success of NMT is evidenced by clinical research. The techniques of NMT provide the therapeutic application of music to cognitive, sensory, and motor dysfunctions used as a method to treat neurologic disease. This systematic review identifies studies related to music therapy to support the various NMT techniques. For the purposes of this study, non-NMT music therapy articles follow similar protocol to NMT with no mention of NMT. Study questions are: (1) Which techniques are more commonly researched? (2) Is there a difference between NMT research and non-NMT research that studies the clinical effects of NMT techniques? (3) Which NMT techniques are more researched and developed after NMT was founded? And, (4) Which studies predate NMT? Conclusions revealed that several NMT techniques are minimally researched, and the author could find no clinical research using Symbolic Communication Training through Music (SYCOM). Also identified were several studies that predate the founding year (1999) of NMT. Recommendations include ongoing NMT research to further justify its effectiveness in medical settings, with attention to the least researched techniques.
    • Strategic plan for switching from a transitional bilingual education program to a two-way immersion program.

      Uhlman, Sarah G. (13/11/2013)
      Bilingual education can be presented to learners in a variety of ways. This project focuses on Transitional Bilingual Education (TBE) and Two-Way Immersion (TWI). This is because an urban school in the Buffalo district is in process of converting the current TBE program into a TWI program. When considering this switch of educational philosophies, a deeper look at the philosophical and educational implications is necessary to ensure that the conversion is smooth and research-based. In the process of considering each of these bilingual education programs and philosophies, the history of the Bilingual Center, #33, was taken into consideration. Then, discrepancy analyzes were performed to consider general and specific changes that will affect the educational environment.
    • Teacher and student morale and school board governance.

      Corlett, Kara M. (2015)
      School boards have been around since the 15th Century in the American Public Education System to help with the local governance of school districts. There has not been a lot of focus in research on how the governance of a school board effects the morale of teachers and students. With the increase in news media in the recent decade, there has been more attention on local governments and elected officials, such as a school board. With this increase, there has been more government scandals exposed, including those involving school board officials and school district administrators. While most of the attention has been the negative effect on the officials themselves, there has not been much attention on how the scandals affect teachers and students. The purpose of this Master’s Project was to see if a local school board scandal negatively impacted teacher and student morale at the local high school in the district. The question of the impact was researched with an online survey that was sent to high school teachers and guidance counselors. The results of the survey give new insight into teacher and student morale in public schools, when there is a lot of media focus on education today.