• A planned approach to increase first grade parents' knowledge of curricular objectives.

      Danforth, Audra (30/10/2013)
      This empirical study investigated the use of a weekly planned approach to parent involvement with a focus on curriculum and weekly objectives in order to improve student achievement. The 15 participants were in first grade ranging from ages 6-7, from a small city school district in Western New York. The school is culturally diverse and has a free and reduced lunch rate of 80%. This study used a weekly newsletter, developed by the teacher and classroom students to help improve student grades through parental involvement. The empirical study collected data on student assessment results as well as through a parent survey. The limitations of this study were the amount of time allotted for the study, which was six weeks and the fact that some students were receiving Academic Intervention Services (AIS) which may have influenced the improved scores as opposed to the targeted increase in parental involvement. After research was conducted and collected, it was indicated that the students had improved test scores. The student's test scores showed that the newsletters were effective.