• How comprehension strategies such as Accelerated Reader Program affect students' development in reading abilities.

      Zwolak, Megan (2014)
      The purpose of this research study was based on the effects that the Accelerated Reader Program has on the comprehension skills of emergent readers. The study was completed in a first grade classroom, using all 18 students, ranging in ability levels. The methods used were from a qualitative and quantitative stance. The data collected was from the Accelerated Reader (AR) program at the school, where I was able to see the averages of each student, as well as lists of their individual scores for every quiz they had taken. The scores compiled were from the beginning of the school year to the end of February. Observations of the students using the program, as well as their reactions toward it were recorded. I also conducted an interview with the teacher, Mrs. Jones. She explained her feelings about Accelerated Reader and how she feels it affects the students and their developing comprehension. The results from this study show the positive effects AR has had on these emergent readers when supplemented with other appropriate reading strategies.