• Parental involvement and its effects on bullying and student behaviors.

      Corsaro, Kristin L. (2014)
      Parental involvement has proven to play a large role in student academic achievement. With bullying becoming a widespread problem in school districts across the nation, one has to wonder if parental involvement also plays a role in student behaviors. Most experts agree that students with disabilities are bullied at a higher rate than their general education peers and that these types of behaviors are happening frequently. This study looks at the opinions of parents on what the true definition of bullying is, as well as examines student behaviors both in the classroom as well as during areas of transition or in specialty classes. The role in which parents play in their child’s lives may not only be affecting their academics, but their behaviors and involvement in bullying instances as well. School districts are beginning to recognize the problem and are looking to "whole school approaches” to educate all students and faculty on how to react in bullying situations in hopes to lessen the instances. By involving parents and making them aware that their involvement could play a role could also lessen the amount of bullying within their child’s classroom.