• The impact of Classwide Peer Tutoring for students with emotional or behavior disorders.

      Jo, Alex (2015)
      This study investigated how ClassWide Peer Tutoring can be effective for students with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders. This research was a quantitative study and followed an A-B-A design, where the first A was the initial baseline observations, B was the ClassWide Peer Tutoring intervention, and the second A was the baseline reintroduced after the intervention was withdrawn. The study was six weeks and each phase of the research design was for two weeks with two observations each week. The study examined data from a single subject participant with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders in an 8th grade mathematics class. Results from this study found on-task behaviors increased while off-task behaviors decreased when ClassWide Peer Tutoring was implemented during intervention. In addition to improved behavior, academic accuracy was better with ClassWide Peer Tutoring. Implications for further research include lengthening the research study to an A-B-A design and examining the differences between student thought incentives and teacher incentives.
    • Teachers' perceptions of the effects of the Common Core Standards on student academic achievement.

      Catalano, Hannah (2014)
      This project was designed to examine the how teachers feel the new Common Core State Standards were designed to integrate the requirements of high school and postsecondary education into the curriculum in order to prepare students for the educational demands of post-secondary education and the workforce by their 11th grade year. This project is an analysis of the perceptions of K-6 educators in Western New York on student academic achievement based on the implementation of Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics. The educators were voluntarily asked to answer simple questions based on how they feel towards the implementation of the Common Core State Standards Modules and the effects of the modules on the academic achievement of their students.