• Students' performance and preference on computer-based tests vs paper-based tests.

      Cole, Melinda S. (13/11/2013)
      The purpose of this action research project was to determine if students performed better on computer-based tests or paper-based tests, as well as to determine the students’ preference for each testing method. The participants included seven fourth grade students. Data sources included: Results from two computer-based comprehension tests and two paper-based comprehension tests, two student surveys which included five questions regarding the testing experience and opinions of the assessments, open-ended interviews with the students in small groups, and the researcher’s observational notes. Data were analyzed for patterns and themes. The findings demonstrated that the majority of students performed better on the paper-based test, and that the majority of students preferred the paper-based test. Factors which made the students’ performances on computer versus paper tests more complicated included: Gender, number of tests administered, socioeconomic status, and the sample size of the participants.