• A study of students' estimation skills with shaded areas.

      Whitney, Kaitlyn E. (2014)
      This study examined high school and college students’ skills to estimate area. During this study, students completed a ten-problem assessment which contained ten different geometric figures that were partially shaded in. Students were instructed to estimate what percentage of the area of the shape was shaded and to explain how they made their predictions for three problems. Each problem was scored on how far off their estimation was from the actual percentage. After completing the assessment, students were also asked to complete a five-question survey. The results of the study indicate that students are much more likely to overestimate than underestimate. Additional results revealed that problems that had a slanted shade line and problems with multiple pieces shaded were the most difficult for students. Other findings showed that there was no significant difference based on gender, but there was a significant difference based on what course students were enrolled in.