• The effects of the three jars game on the academic performance of a 5th grade inclusion class.

      Velazquez, Nicole (28/02/2014)
      Homework is used to reinforce concepts and skills taught in class and to promote student mastery through practice. It has a long history of positive effects on academic achievement across grade levels, content areas, and student abilities. Unfortunately, many pupils fail to complete homework and many others perform poorly when they do so. Teachers need effective, efficient, and socially acceptable strategies for getting all of their students to do well on homework assignments. The present study examined the effect of the Three Jars game, a combination of group contingencies with randomized components and mystery motivators, on the homework completion and accuracy of an inclusive 5th grade math class. The game produced immediate and substantive improvements in both pupils’ completion and accuracy rates. Teachers and students rated the intervention very positively and suggested that it should be used more frequently in school. Limitations and directions for future research and practice are offered.