• The effects of the Tree Jars Intervention on the homework completion and accuracy of middle school mathematics students.

      Landy, Kaitlin (12/11/2013)
      Homework is a teaching strategy that is used to reinforce concepts and skills taught in class and to promote student mastery through practice. It has strong positive effects on academic achievement across grade levels, content areas, and student abilities. To maximize academic learning in mathematics, completion and accuracy of math homework should be addressed. The present study examines the efficacy of the three jars game, a combination of group contingencies with randomized components and mystery motivators, on the homework completion and accuracy of an inclusive 7th grade math class. The three jars game produced immediate and substantive improvements in both pupils’ completion and accuracy rates. Teachers and students rated the intervention very positively and suggested that it should be used more frequently in school. Limitations are delineated and future directions for research and practice in this area are provided.