• Misconceptions that mainstream teachers in Western New York may have about English Language Learners.

      Lancaster, Jennifer E. (28/03/2013)
      With more English language learners (ELLs) entering schools, schools may not be prepared to service the unique needs of ELLs. This research examines the possible misconceptions teachers may have about ELLs in their schools. Twenty-eight teachers of varying ages, gender, and in-service years in nine different schools in western New York were surveyed regarding myths about ELLs. Teachers were asked whether or not they agreed with statements regarding myths they read or not. Fortunately for ELL students, many of the teachers surveyed stated that they did not believe many of the myths that were in the survey. This can mean several things for ELLs and the teachers. One conclusion may be that teachers are not feeling much added pressure from the ELL students but there may also not be many ELL students in the classrooms where the surveyed teachers are teaching. The use of a survey with a Likert scale, teachers were questioned about their feelings in regards to working with ELLs. With such a relative small sample of teachers, the results of this survey are not conclusive for the whole western New York area.