• The effects of class wide peer tutoring on fifth grade students' weekly spelling test performance.

      Kryszak, Lindsay (12/11/2013)
      Class Wide Peer Tutoring is a well-established strategy for improving pupil academic performance, particularly in basic academic skills (e.g., reading, math, and spelling fluency) and the acquisition and retention of content-related, factual knowledge. The present study provided partial replication of CWPT’s powerful academic effects, albeit to a lesser degree than previous research. Using an alternating-treatments design, CWPT produced slight but noticeable improvements in17, 5th grade pupils’ weekly spelling test scores. Results were limited somewhat by high baseline scores and lower fidelity ratings during initial tutoring sessions. More importantly, however, there were perceived improvements in pupils’ interpersonal and communication skills, more attention to instruction, and increased team cooperation. The classroom teacher and students provided positive acceptability ratings for most CWPT goals, procedures, and outcomes. Implications for future research are discussed.