• The effects of Three Jars and Mystery motivators on homework completion and accuracy in a 2nd grade classroom.

      Kestner, Christina (12/11/2013)
      Homework is a strategy used by teachers to promote the understanding of content and student mastery through practice. Academic benefits of homework include retention of new knowledge and better understanding of class material. Homework completion and accuracy are essential for student success in school. However, research shows students may lack self discipline and the academic skills required to complete homework assignments (Rathvon, 1999). Therefore, classroom teachers need effective, efficient and socially acceptable interventions to improve homework performance among their students. The present study examined the effects of the three jars intervention on homework completion and accuracy in a 2nd grade general education classroom. The three jars game produced immediate and noticeable improvements in pupils' completion and accuracy over teacher-led instruction. Pupils rated intervention goals, procedures, and outcomes quite favorably and the teachers found it to be effective and efficient. Implications for future research and practice are discussed.