• Middle School Science Teachers' understanding of students' misconceptions of photosynthesis and respiration.

      Kestler, Nicole S. (28/02/2014)
      Do middle school science teachers accurately identify common misconceptions that students have about photosynthesis and respiration and what do teachers do to address them? Six middle school science teachers from western NY schools were interviewed in order to discover if they knew what misconceptions their students had regarding photosynthesis and respiration and what they did to address these misconceptions. None of the teachers demonstrated a true understanding of what a misconception is. The science certified teachers knew some of their students’ misconceptions in photosynthesis and respiration, but most of the non-science certified teachers did not realize their students had misconceptions in these topics. In addition, the majority of teachers did not have specific instructional strategies to address their students' misconceptions. This study has implications for the preparation of both certified science teachers and elementary teachers responsible for teaching science.