• Eighth graders' readings of paper and computer screen stories : a case study of one classroom.

      Habermehl, Amanda (18/10/2012)
      The purpose of this case study explored how three eighth grade students comprehended four chapters from the short story, Hooch. This study investigated how their comprehension of Hooch varied when reading from paper versus a computer screen. It also investigated how their experience with technology affected their ability to comprehend digitally-presented text. Data were collected through the number of ideas retold and how many comprehension questions were correctly answered for each chapter. In addition, the three participants were interviewed about their experience and preference of reading from paper of computer screen. Students were able to comprehend the most the most when reading a chapter from the computer. In addition, a student's experience with technology did not affect how the student comprehended a digitally presented text. Results of the study suggest that the integration of digitally-presented text into classrooms may benefit the students' ability to comprehend what they read, though future research needs to be carried out to ensure that similar results are found among a larger group of participants. Results of this study also suggest the importance of teachers providing technological experience to students in order to equip the students for the future digital world.