• A technology integration model for third grade English language arts curriculum.

      Goss, Aryle (19/10/2012)
      Educational technology in schools can be a forum for providing students with instruction. Through the use of educational technology, teachers are able to scaffold learning, engage students, increase participation and reach all student learning styles. The field of education has spent thousands of dollars on technology; therefore, there is a need to insure that this money has been well spent and that the technology is being used effectively. Teachers need to be provided with the proper training in order to deliver effective instruction using available educational technology. This paper is a curriculum project that focuses on integrating the effective use of technology, particularly: computers, personal response system (clickers) and SMART Boards, into a 3rd grade English Language Arts curriculum of a recently renovated urban elementary school. It also looks at professional development and the best way to educate teachers on how to effectively use the technology.