• The effects of repeated readings using MP3 players on 3rd Grade Students’ oral Reading Fluency Rates.

      Gordon, Heidi (29/10/2012)
      The need to develop more effective ways to motivate and engage students in reading is an ever growing concern in our society. According to the National Reading Panel (2002), however, classroom teachers are focusing on literacy skills but neglecting reading fluency in their instructional focus. There is a strong need, therefore, for more effective ways for students to build their reading fluency skills. The use of repeated readings and MP3 players as instructional tools in education may help students take a more active role in their own learning and, in turn, improve their academic achievement. The present study examined the effects of repeated readings using MP3 players on two, at risk 3rd grade students’ oral reading fluency rates. Findings indicated that the repeated readings and MP3 intervention had mixed effects on pupil performance. Student A showed immediate and noticeable improvements in oral reading fluency when the intervention was implemented, while Student B’s performance remained relatively unchanged throughout the investigation. Implications for future research and practice are discussed.