• Exploring how Mexican Immigrant parents support the education of their high-achieving children.

      Gasca, Alicia. (28/02/2014)
      In general Latino students are under performing in US schools, yet some Mexican immigrant parents are able to support their children in ways that are conducive to their academic success. This study explores how monolingual Spanish-speaking Mexican parents with limited education of their own are involved in the education of their high-achieving children. As part of this qualitative study, interviews with three parents were conducted, recorded and transcribed. The findings are consistent with much of the literature reviewed and reveal that these Mexican immigrant parents prioritize education for their children through the use of guiding messages, by setting expectations for the future, and by being present at teacher conferences, even though language barriers limit communication with teachers and staff. Additionally, they used monitoring strategies to maintain awareness of their children’s school and social activities. Schools can help Mexican immigrants by adding bilingual staff, by extending assistance for children with their homework, and by promoting practices that immigrant parents can undertake such as consistently setting academic expectations for their children and providing them with messages of encouragement in their academic pursuits.