• Developing a nature-based curriculum for preschool aged children.

      Finch, Kristen M. (2014)
      The literature surrounding the important topic of nature education illustrates the need for more children to be involved in nature play due to an escalation of children being disconnected from nature in their everyday lives. The literature also illustrates that nature-focused learning experiences promote children's learning and development in all domains: social-emotional, physical, and cognitive. Therefore, the purpose of this curriculum project is to create 16 nature based learning experiences. These experiences immerse preschool children, ages 3 to 4, in structured and unstructured opportunities for outdoor experiences by implementing nature-based activities into their curriculum. The learning experiences in this curriculum project will require the children to go outside and engage in the most applicable, hands-on activities. All activities will be based upon the children's interests and developmentally appropriate. This will empower young children to continue to learn and have developmental gains while engaging outside in nature as an extension of their learning inside in the classroom.