• The Search for the BMPl Gene in a Salamander Gene Library and the identification of Several Genes from the Library.

      Feygin, Alex Z. (2013-01-11)
      Bone Morphogenetic Protein 1 (BMP 1) functions in normal embryological development. The goal of this research was to obtain the sequence of salamander BMPl. Following sequence determination, an in situ probe for BMPJ activity would be generated to ascertain if this gene plays similar roles in Salamander limb regeneration, a system that has been demonstrated as comparable to normal embryological limb development. A Salamander eDNA library was obtained as a potential source for salamander BMPl. No BMPI sequence from this eDNA library was detected. This led to the pursuit of alternative gene sequences that could be of potential interest in the study of salamander limb regeneration. Two library recombinants were generated containing genes of potential interest to the study of salamander limb regeneration as determined by their sequence similarity to established genetic sequences. Rec9 contained an insert most similar to the Gallus gallus chondroitin sulfate N-acetlygalacosylaminyltransferase 2 gene. Rec21 most closely resembled Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis oncomodulin.