• The effects of Think-Aloud strategy to improve reading comprehension of 6th grade students in Saudi Arabia.

      Alqahtani, Mona Ali (2015)
      The purpose of this research project is to investigate the effects of the Think Aloud strategy on the abilities of 6th grade Saudi Arabian students in reading comprehension. The Think Aloud strategy is a learning method whereby students voice loudly their inner thoughts as they read. The specific research question answered by this study is: what are the effects of the Think Aloud strategy on the 6th grade students’ comprehension in Saudi Arabia? A significant number of students fail to achieve reading comprehension in the country due to the ineffectiveness of the traditional methods. Twenty 6th grade students participated in this quantitative research study. Students in the experimental group, using the Think Aloud strategy consistently scored higher grades compared to the students in the control group taught by traditional methods of reading. In conclusion, the Think Aloud strategy is instrumental in improving reading comprehension and should be considered a potentially valuable alternative strategy to the traditional method of reading in Saudi Arabia.