• English teacher perception of the current English curriculum and instruction at a university in Saudia Arabia

      Almahmoud, Abdullah (2016-12)
      Task design allows teachers to organize and implement tasks according to the specific needs of the learners. The purpose of this research was to evaluate the teacher perception of curriculum and instruction in regards to English language development at a King Saud University, KSA. The study mainly used the quantitative questionnaire technique as a main data collection instrument. The participants are a total of 35 male and 25 female professors who are originally from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, India, United Kingdom and the United States aged from 25-55 years old. The results showed lack of development of English as a Foreign Language according to teachers’ perception in KSA. Teachers from Saudi Arabia and foreign countries advocate for evolution to the curriculum and its integral parts. Yet, the changes have not occurred in the system. This clearly shows that there is less involvement of the teachers in the development of the curriculum. The teachers have not also been able to provide inputs, help write and contribute their own material. This study showed valuable insights into the English Language Curriculum problems and various rectifications, which might help improve the quality of the curriculum and therefore, enhancement in increasing interest of students and developing their skills.