Unit Plans developed by students in PBH 645, Methods in Health Education, taught by Jacqueline Dipzinski, Fall 2023.

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  • Health Education Curriculum and Assessment

    Reyes, Henry (SUNY Brockport, Department of Education and Human Development, 2024-02)
    This emotional and mental health unit was designed to create a dynamic learning experience centered around fostering communication skills and strategies aligned with NYS and National Health Education Standards. Participants of this unit were provided with ample opportunities to learn, practice, and apply proven communication skills that contribute to the health and safety of themselves and others. The primary focus of the unit was to answer the essential question, "How can one use health strategies and communication skills to contribute to the health and safety of oneself and others?" through a comprehensive approach. Recent data has shown that learning the skill of communication with relationship management and emotional and mental health is one that adolescents in NY State need. Specifically, to the school community, this unit was created for (NYC Lab HS). The unit focused on teaching evidence-based verbal and non-verbal communication skills, including speaking and listening skills, and offered authentic role-playing experiences throughout the unit to help participants have multiple opportunities to practice and demonstrate their understanding of the communication and relationship management strategies/skills learned. The scaffolding approach of diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments supported participants in their quest to answer the unit's essential question and focus. This approach allowed participants to self-assess, clarify/understand, and further improve their understanding of the skill being learned and its health benefits. The approach of allowing students to assess their misunderstandings of a skill and its implementation in the real world, and then making observable adjustments based on their self-corrections and awareness, allowed participants to take ownership of their learning experience. This approach fostered an easy and confident transition of the use of the learned skills in a real-world situation, ultimately answering the unit's essential question/focus.
  • Tobacco/Vaping Unit Plan Sketch

    Kenneally, Madeline (SUNY Brockport Department of Public Health and Health Education, 2023)
  • The DECIDE model: A guide to better health related decision making

    Fasce, Chris (SUNY Brockport, Department of Education and Human Development, 2023)
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  • Sex Education: A Plan for Students and Teachers to Stay Informed

    Dorval, Richard E. (SUNY Brockport, Department of Public Health and Health Administration, 2023)
  • Guide Students to Learn and Experience Effects of Alcohol and Other Drugs

    Cunningham, Courtney (Department of Public Health and Health Education, 2023)