• Marijuana and its Legalization: What it is and What it Means for Society?

      Guiffre, Christopher; Fulkerson, Gregory (2019)
      In this paper, the topic that is being researched is the risks and benefits of the legalization of medicinal and recreational marijuana use. I will also explore the process by which marijuana becomes legalized. In addition, I will look at how marijuana legalization impacts the use of the drug by adolescents and how several aspects of society are affected. Based upon my findings, I was able to conclude that several risks and benefits come with the legalization of marijuana such as generating millions of dollars in tax revenue but also decreasing the age at which kids begin to use the drug. I also discovered that the process by which marijuana becomes legalized happens in three stages. These stages are decriminalization, legalization of its medicinal use, and finally, its full legalization for recreational use.