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  • Framing Futures: Uniting Freshman English Class with Library Archives for Campus Connection and Transformation

    Dunne, Sophia (2023)
    Freshmen enrolled in Dr. Doughty's English Composition class had the opportunity throughout the semester to conduct their research and compile their bibliographies in the Alden Room, which serves as the home to Milne Library's Special Collection and Archives. To guide their research, students were presented with a selection of special topics to choose from, including student teaching observations, Greek life and history, and college camp. However, they were also encouraged to explore their own areas of interest if they could establish a meaningful connection to SUNY Oneonta. With the freedom to pursue topics that genuinely intrigued them and were relevant to the campus community, students fostered connections with others across the campus. They not only made these connections but also felt a sense of involvement in effecting positive change within their own campus.