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  • Letter from the Editor

    Gregov, Aleksander (SUNY Oneonta, 2022)
    Although my tenure as Managing Editor has felt relatively short, for me it has been nothing less than invigorating. The first time I had ever heard of SOAR was around the first winter of the COVID pandemic, confined indoors to my home and hundreds of miles away from the campus I was supposed to be at. However, I had tried to keep some semblance of what a student nearing the second half of their undergraduate career was supposed to do, which was to talk about rigorous and meaningful academic opportunities with whichever professors actually knew me. I was unsure of where these conversations would take me as I had only talked to two teachers in the Sociology Department. With one of these professors, specifically Professor Awash, we discussed potential online opportunities for a student who wanted to pursue and prepare for graduate school or other post-graduation work. Out of the several listings he gave, he remembered one called SOAR. He stated, in what felt like a child listening to an elder recall an old mystical tale, about how this had been an academic journal that was the shining example of what a student would want to participate in. After this brief snippet, I was hooked. I asked him “what's going on with the journal now?” He said how, like with most clubs and organizations, they had essentially dissolved because of COVID. If I wanted this journal to be an experience, I had to help rebuild it from the ground up.
  • Rape and Power in Eighteenth Century London, England

    Nicolari, Deanna
    In London, England, rape was a prevalent crime throughout society in the mid-eighteenth century. During this time, rape was defined as "...unlawful and carnal knowledge of a woman, by force, and against her will," (Olsson, 2013). Though both men and women can be raped, this paper will specifically look at men who committed the crime against women and young girls. Men were able to commit rape by exerting their power over the women and young girls, whether by using physical strength, weapons, threats, or with the help of the severely lacking criminal justice system.
  • Personality, Non-Aggressive Antisocial Behaviors, and Mental Health

    Le, Jennifer U.; Berrios, Lillian (SUNY Oneonta, 2022)
    While there is abundant research on material theft, there is little investigation on compulsory theft. The present study aims to expand the current knowledge on compulsory theft, substance use, and non-aggressive antisocial behaviors in general. The primary goal of this study is to distinguish people who steal for relief from those who engage in a wider variety of antisocial behaviors and those who use substances recreationally from those who may have substance abuse problems. We will distinguish these individuals by personality traits and general mental health.
  • Benefits of Study Abroad Programs for College Students

    Adle, Krislyn (SUNY Oneonta, 2021)
    While in college, students have an array of opportunities within study abroad programs which allow for educational and personal growth. Studying abroad is a term given to a program which allows students to further their academic studies in a foreign country while attending a foreign university. These programs allow college students to earn credit towards their academic discipline and can last anywhere from a few weeks during a semester up to an entire school year. A great deal of research has explored the undeniably positive attributes that students gain during their time studying abroad, but more research on the cognitive benefits of study abroad is needed (Lee et al., 2012). Although there is limited recorded research surrounding how individuals are cognitively impacted by such programs, other areas of research have focused on levels of academic achievement, intercultural competencies, and the student’s personal development.
  • About my world: MFA Thesis - Painting & Drawing

    Zheng, Xuewu (2022-05)
    My graduation creation is a series of drawings, the material used is charcoal pencil, I named the series of works "World". The epidemic that started in 2019 and quickly spread to the world has brought disaster to human beings. Since then, not only diseases, but also all aspects of human life have undergone tremendous changes. Everything we used to know has become unfamiliar. This is the background of my drawing works. I raise new questions about human existence and hope that people will rethink how to coexist between human beings and between human beings and nature.

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